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Identifying the Source of Brown Spots in Grass

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Summer is an especially beautiful time of year, with brilliant flowers, lush leaves and a vibrant lawn. In this context, there is nothing worse than spotting brown and wilted patches in your grass. It is important to quickly identify what may be causing the damage to your lawn so proper repair and treatment can be conducted.

Helpful Tips To Get Rid of Brown Spots in Grass

Drought stress

One of the main causes of brown spots in grass is drought stress. During the hot summer months, the soil can become overly dry leading to a lack of moisture and nutrients in the grass. To tell if this is the cause, inspect the area for stiffness or yellowing of the grass and check the soil for dryness. If it has been exceptionally hot in your area, there is a good chance drought stress is the culprit.


Insect and disease damage

The presence of bugs or fungal diseases can also cause brown patches in your grass. To weather small amounts of damage, it often requires watering and feeding your grass to help revive it. If the damage is more expansive, it may be best to contact a professional lawn care technician to assess the situation and take the appropriate measures.


Dog urine damage

Dog urine is acidic and highly concentrated. If the family pup is relieving itself in your lawn, it can cause significant damage in the form of ugly brown spots. Luckily, this source of brown can also be corrected. The key is to flush the pet’s urine out of the grass. This can be done using plenty of extra water to dilute the area. Of course, training the animal is also essential.

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