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How To Make Grass Green Without Too Much Effort

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The lawn is a vital element in most gardens. Providing a neutral background, it highlights other species of plants or flowers. The explosion of colors in the garden is much more pleasant in contrast to a beautiful green lawn. Besides its important role in landscaping, the lawn serves as a place to relax so it’s important to know how to make grass green and keep it flourishing.


Revive Products Effortless How To Make Grass Green

To enjoy a healthy and green lawn, you need to do some work (regular lawn mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, weed control and aeration), but your efforts can be reduced if you choose resistant plant species. For example, drought-resistant grass is not too demanding and will remain green for a long time, even without regular care.


The plant species that make up the lawn must also correspond to the requirements of use – relaxation area or heavy traffic, performing sports activities, ornamental role, etc. – and to the characteristics of the soil in which they are planted.


A few secrets:

  • Irrigate the lawn early in the morning, to prevent water from evaporating too soon.
  • Cut only a third of the height of the grass, each time you mow the lawn, to avoid stressing the blades. The grass must remain tall enough to continue growing, so that it maintains its green color.
  • Aerate the lawn every year or more often, if necessary, to correct the compacted soil.
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