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The Best Plants to Attract Butterflies

  If watching the butterflies that visit your yard or garden is among your favorite pastimes and you want to make your landscape more attractive for these graceful and colorful critters, here are some   easy to cultivate plants that will attract butterflies of all sizes and colors to your flower beds:   The butterfly […]

Why Choose Organic Lawn Fertilizer

  If your lawn is starting to show signs telling you that it needs fertilization and for a while you have been contemplating applying an organic fertilizer instead of the traditional, synthetic stuff that you are used to, here are some arguments to convince you that going organic is, indeed, an excellent idea: Chemical-free safety […]

Tips for Reviving Grass from Dog Urine

Dog urine is among the worst enemies of grass – you might enjoy spending time playing with your dog in the grass, but your four-legged friend’s urine contains too much nitrogen for your turf to endure and might destroy your precious lawn. If you are struggling with grass damaged by dog urine, don’t worry, with […]

Planning Out Your Fertilization Schedule for Green Grass

The perfect lawn needs not only year-around care and attention – it also needs its owner to develop a lawn care strategy, a detailed schedule that determines exactly how watering, mowing and fertilization will be done. While watering and mowing are activities performed more frequently and lawn owners can tell exactly when their grass needs […]

What Causes Brown Spots in Grass?

Brown spots are among the most common lawn problems, experienced even by owners who take very good care of their turf. Here are some of the most probable causes: Mowing with dull blades – when the grass leaf is not cut with a freshly sharpened blade, the blunt blade tears, rather than cuts the grass, […]

How to Check or Get Your Sprinklers Checked This Spring

Along with spring comes the time to start watering your garden or lawn – in other words, it is time to start your sprinkle system, it’s how to make grass green at the beginning of Spring. No matter how complex your sprinkler system, ideally, all the sprinklers and the other components of the system should […]

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