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What Causes Brown Spots in Grass?

Brown spots are among the most common lawn problems, experienced even by owners who take very good care of their turf. Here are some of the most probable causes: Mowing with dull blades – when the grass leaf is not cut with a freshly sharpened blade, the blunt blade tears, rather than cuts the grass, […]

How to Check or Get Your Sprinklers Checked This Spring

Along with spring comes the time to start watering your garden or lawn – in other words, it is time to start your sprinkle system, it’s how to make grass green at the beginning of Spring. No matter how complex your sprinkler system, ideally, all the sprinklers and the other components of the system should […]

The Best Flowers to Plant in May

Summer is here soon, so May is the best time to plant the colorful, cheerful flowers that will bloom in your garden throughout the summer. Here are some of the best choices for your flowerbeds: Marigold – this hardy little flower comes in shades of bright yellow and orange. They thrive best in beds that […]

Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22, every year, we have Earth Day, which was set up by the United Nations a decade ago, and celebrated through Resolution 63/278 to remind everyone that Earth and its ecosystems offer us the living conditions we need and that if we destroy them, we have no future. Earth Day offers the opportunity […]

The Rising Trend Of Houseplants

Through their explosion of leaves and flowers, house plants manage to bring more life and beauty to our home. Without them, the house would be sadder and emptier. When we decorate our home, we should pay attention to the plants we use; besides their aesthetic appearance, they may have other benefits such as ionization or […]

How To Test Your Soil’s pH

The pH of the soil in your garden and lawn is very important because, depending on its value, you can grow or not the plants and grass you love. You often hear that some plants need acidic soils, while others, on the contrary, need alkaline soil. How can you be sure about what type of […]

What Grass Is Good For Colorado Lawns?

The average temperature in Colorado is 72 degrees a year, so the lawn planted in the yards across the state must be rather suitable for cool weather. However not all cool season grasses can be planted successfully here, because there are individual particularities for each lawn. Read on about the most common grass planted successfully […]

Why Does Pet Urine Damage Grass

  Pet urine, especially the urine of dogs, is among the worst enemies of healthy grass, leaving brown spots in grass and hard to green up – a problem that is especially frustrating for proud pet owners who would like to reconcile their love for animals with their wish to have strong, healthy, green lawn. […]

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