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When Is Soil Treatment Necessary

For vegetation to develop optimally, be it lawn, flowers, vegetables or fruit, the soil must contain suitable amounts of different substances (nutrients) including nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron etc., depending on the plants you want to grow. Because not every soil is naturally balanced for a rich harvest, it must be treated […]

Tips For Restoring Brown Spots In Grass

If you are a dog owner and have a yard and a beautiful lawn, you have probably already know the frustration that raises when you notice inaesthetic brown patches on lawn. What causes this type of lawn damage? Well, it’s your pet’s acidic urine that burns the grass.   Fortunately, there are solutions for restoring […]

Reasons to opt for Drought-Tolerant Grass

There are lawn seed mixtures specially designed for a dry climate and for spaces without an automated irrigation system, or with low drainage. Coming from such a mixture of seeds with a high degree of purity and germination, the resulting lawn is characterized by well-developed roots and a healthy foliage. It will maintain its green […]

Best Lawn Fertilizer to Use in the Fall

A healthy lawn begins with autumn fertilization. Autumn is one of the two times of the year (spring is the other!) when the lawn is in a period of active growth. It is the period when the lawn is in its best condition, as long as it has everything it needs.   In order for […]

Best Practices for Preventing Brown Spots in Grass

In order to prevent brown spots in grass, one of the best practices to apply is to avoid watering it too often. The most recommended routine is that of watering your lawn every few days, and applying deep watering, i.e. about ½ inches for every watering session. Reducing thatch can be another good method to […]

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