Solution Center Tips
Fall Lawn Wrap Up - It’s been a long Summer and you’ve spent plenty of time doing lawn maintenance chores but there are two important items left on the agenda 1) Fall Fertilization 2) Reduce Mowing Height. Most of us are accustomed to feeding our lawn each spring but Fall is actually more important. The cooler temps will slow the rate of top growth but down below, the roots are in high gear. Feeding them now will help the lawn recover from summer drought. If you have any thin spots, now’s the best time for seeding or sodding cool season grasses too. As the top growth slows, you can begin lowering your mowing height as well. As grass blades become dormant, turn brown & die, they fold over. If left too long, this can create some unfavorable conditions so best to remove it when you can.
More Color for Next Spring - Some time spent now on a couple of items will benefit you next spring with better color. 1) Plant bulbs – Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Iris and many more bulbs can be planted now for a brilliant show of colors next spring. Your local garden center can help with colors, planting depth, and spacing. 2) Pruning – Lilacs & Forsythia are among the earliest flowering shrubs and they’re making their bud formation now for next year’s bloom. Prune now if they need it.
Colorado gets a mulligan for crabgrass control. For most years the rule of thumb is to get the pre-emergent for crabgrass control down by April 15th but this is not your average year. Crabgrass seeds will germinate when the soil temperature average 55-60° F but with all our recent snow and cooler temps, Crabgrass hasn’t shown its ugly head yet and with the overnight low temp recently of 18° F, odds are no plants survived since Crabgrass is very sensitive to freezing. (which is why it turns brown every fall after the 1st frost) If you haven’t put down your pre-emergent yet, get out there soon and you’ll be ahead of the game for Crabgrass, Foxtail and other summer annual weeds that haven’t yet germinated.
Aeration vs. Power Raking – While there are a few lawns which can benefit from a shallow power raking, it’s a better benefit to the turf and soil if you can get the lawn aerated. Pulling an actually plug from the ground can provide many benefits to your lawn such as relieving soil compaction and reducing thatch build up. Consider having this done to your lawn later this spring.