Solution Center Frequently Asked Questions
When can I start applying REVIVE?

Anytime the ground isn't frozen you can apply Revive but just make sure the grass is green & growing for best results. First applications can begin when the turf is at least 50% out of winter dormancy.

How long does REVIVE last?

To some degree, that can depend upon your particular soil type and how often you irrigate. Generally speaking, it should last about 6 weeks under most conditions.

Which is better, liquid or granular?

For most homeowners it comes down to ease of use. Revive liquid is perfect for spot treating smaller areas or spots along walks & driveways. If you have a broadcast spreader, the granular treats more square footage quicker than the liquid. There is an added benefit from the granular formulation called DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste), which gives you a nice slow releae non-burning organic fertilizer not found in the liquid Revive.

What are the spreader settings for the Revive granules?

There are many different spreaders available on the market and two variables (walking speed & how much or little you overlap) make a difference in coverage. We publish some of the more common spreader settings on our web-site.