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Can I apply this through the winter months?
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can revive be used with a starter fertilizer on new sod
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Does Revive replace a NPK fertilizers or is it to be used as a supplement?
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can revive be used as astarter fertilizer?
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i applyed revive 12 days ago and it has not helped! can you suggest something else that might help? lots of my new sod looks dead/ seems like revive just is not going to work for me! feels like i just waisted my money!
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Can I use a fungicide with my Revive spray soul treatment
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scotts turf builder edge guard spreader settings
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Is it dog friendly
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Can Revive liquid be spread with a pump sprayer?
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I have a Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader, what settings should I use
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Tips for You

  • Fall Lawn Wrap Up - It’s been a long Summer and you’ve spent plenty of time doing lawn maintenance chores but there are two important items left on the agenda 1) Fall Fertilization 2) Reduce Mowing Height. Most of us are accustomed to feeding our lawn each spring but Fall is actually more important. The cooler temps will slow the rate of top growth but down below, the roots are in high gear. Feeding them now will help the lawn recover from summer drought. If you have any thin spots, now’s the best time for seeding or sodding cool season grasses too. As the top growth slows, you can begin lowering your mowing height as well. As grass blades become dormant, turn brown & die, they fold over. If left too long, this can create some unfavorable conditions so best to remove it when you can.

  • More Color for Next Spring - Some time spent now on a couple of items will benefit you next spring with better color. 1) Plant bulbs – Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Iris and many more bulbs can be planted now for a brilliant show of colors next spring. Your local garden center can help with colors, planting depth, and spacing. 2) Pruning – Lilacs & Forsythia are among the earliest flowering shrubs and they’re making their bud formation now for next year’s bloom. Prune now if they need it.

  • Aeration vs. Power Raking – While there are a few lawns which can benefit from a shallow power raking, it’s a better benefit to the turf and soil if you can get the lawn aerated. Pulling an actually plug from the ground can provide many benefits to your lawn such as relieving soil compaction and reducing thatch build up. Consider having this done to your lawn later this spring.

  • Crabgrass – If asked, most homeowners will say they have crabgrass in their yard when in fact they don’t. Any grass that we’re not used to identifying often gets mislabeled as “crabgrass”. Crabgrass is an annual which means it will die at the first frost and won’t reappear from the seeds until the following spring once the soil surface warms to 55-60 degrees. It grows in a clump, has wide blades and finger-like seed heads. Taking a small clump into a garden center will help you know what you’re truly dealing with.

  • Weeds – Next to brown spots this is the single most complaint of any homeowner. The best Defense is a good Offense which means maintain a thick healthy lawn & you’ll have less weeds. Any good garden center will help you pick out the best weed killer for your grass type and frequent applications of Revive to keep your lawn thick & healthy will help.

  • Watering – Too many variables exist to give an easy answer such as "water one inch per week". Best bet is to check with your local county extension office. Most master gardeners will know this answer based upon your grass type, time of year and local weather conditions, etc.

  • Mowing - There’s few basic rules when it comes to mowing that are always good to remember. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf tissue at any one time. Mow tall. A longer leaf blade equals deeper roots so raise that mower. Keep the blade sharp to ensure a clean cut. Don’t mow when the grass is wet. Change directions to prevent ruts keeping the grass blades from more erect. And remember to have fun, enjoy the fresh air & exercise.

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