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Tips For Ensuring Your Grass Will Be Green In The Spring

Tuesday, November 13th 2018 posted by Revive

Your garden and the lawn require special care, every season. Winter is close and the lawn should be mowed and prepared for low temperatures and the risk of being covered and affected by lots of snow.

Before the first frost or snow fall, you need to clean the garden and the lawn from the leaves and fruits fallen from the trees. If you leave them there, they will block the sun's rays and damage the grass, because your lawn depends exclusively on light and air, during the cold season. In addition, if there will be some mild winter days, you have to pull out the weeds that may appear and suffocate the grass. You must mow the lawn at the right dimension to protect it; the grass should not be shorter than 2.5 centimeters. Do this operation at the end of the autumn.

Finally yet importantly, you need to administer a special organic lawn care fertilizer for the winter, rich in potassium and phosphorus. This fertilization is only applied once, at the end of November or in early December, depending on when the first snow falls in your area. It is the last fertilization of the a year; a new one will be done only next year, in early March, so that the grass will be green in the spring.